Go Gators! (day 121)

If you live in a bubble and didn’t know, today was the first day of college football! In a college town like Gainesville today is practically a national holiday, but me being well… Me, the game just ended and I have no idea what the score was. I wore Gator colors today though, I think that’s a good step in the right direction!
I bought this shirt (well got it free in a BOGO sale) because I remembered that I never have any Gator clothes so this was my compromise. Orange and Blue without tacky T-shirts and gator heads. I had a hard time deciding on jewelry today. I had a silver chain on but I thought that wasn’t exciting enough. I’m not sure if I’m totally in love with the black and gold. It’s almost like 2 different outfits; the rocker look of black and gold, and the color blocking with orange and blue. No harm done though so I will just remember that for next time. What do you think of the accessories with this outfit?

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One thought on “Go Gators! (day 121)

  1. I would probably gone with the silver…a thick or long chain preferably…maybe long with a big charm if it doesn’t land at the seam…not that I obsess about accessories much!!!

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