Cutest Cousin Ever (day 66)


I would like to introduce you all to my little clone/ cutest cousin ever! I finally convinced her to take a picture with me today. She loves her tutu’s and sparkles but don’t you dare acknowledge how cute she looks! Since I’ve been at the beach with her we have been working on teaching her how to swim and she has gotten so confident. It’s really exciting to see how much she has improved.
On another note, the newspaper today had an article on how pleats are coming back in style. I would just like to warn that pleats are not always flattering!! What they do is add volume to where ever they are so have that in mind while out shopping. But the good thing is that they now come with options other than pants. There are now pleats on shirts or sweaters if you would like to enhance your chest just a little bit! So just make sure that the folds are not directly over your problem areas and they can still be flattering.

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