DIY (day 32)



Today started out kind of rough with dogs barking at 7 am and people tearing off our roof but totally turned around when my amazing mom got me the best birthday/graduation present someone obsessed with clothes could ever ask for, a sewing machine!! That is the reason for the late blog, I have been playing with it all night! I can’t wait until I have learned enough to start making my own clothes. Another thing that I spent a good amount of time on this afternoon is this awesome bracelet! I got the idea from another fashion blog called What I wore. It’s an old charm bracelet and some coins that my dad had. I had my neighbor drill hole in coins and then this afternoon I hung them on the bracelet. This may sound simple but using rings like the one on car keys is extremely hard and painful. It took two hours to put six coins on a bracelet. But in the end I thinks it’s totally worth it! Because of the different metals in the coins I will be able to wear this bracelet with almost any outfit. Today was such an exciting day and I still have a couple more hours of playing with my sewing machine before I give up and go to bed!

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