Fashion Addiction (Day 295)

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I have an addiction… to fashion. Yesterday after I planned the lipstick blog I was going to just wear something comfortable and not blog-worthy. Then once I got into my closet one thing after another happened and I ended up with this awesome outfit. It warmed up a bit yesterday, so I layered up enough that I wouldn’t need a coat, but I also would be warm enough I was outside.¬† I haven’t worn this sweater since I moved because I thought I would freeze with just the lace sleeves, but yesterday I added my new chambray button down and it was perfect!

The most exciting thing about my outfit is my new necklace from my favorite store AccessHERize. It is very on trend right now. I usually don’t like random animal trends, but this owl necklace is so fun and colorful I know I will get a lot of use out of it. Another trend that it follows is the see-through accessories trend. I read about this in a fashion magazine a little while ago and thought it was crazy, but in person I really like it. The glass in the middle of this necklace allows you to see though to the shirt underneath which is a really interesting detail.

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