Favorite (day 119)

The plan for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s was to spend the whole day doing homework since I only have one class but I am having trouble starting when I should which means I spend the evening doing homework rather than the day. As long as I get everything done, though, I don’t mind!
Since I knew the only thing I had to do today was go to my British Literature class I didn’t feel like putting a whole bunch of effort into my outfit so I stuck with a current favorite. It is one of those outfits that you just know will look cute when you wear it, that’s what’s easy about it for me. To be more covered up school I wore a full tank instead of a bandeau like I have been wearing with this. Every time I wear this shirt I try to mix the jewelry up to make it different. Today I went with my gold necklace with off-white and black flowers, and my cheetah print watch. I love this version as much as all of the other versions of this outfit that I have tried!

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