Homecoming trends (day 168)



Since it is high school homecoming season I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about the trends for homecoming dance dresses right now. I had the amazing opportunity to help my beautiful cousin, Mary Kate, pick out this dress for her homecoming dance.
The biggest (and almost only) trend I have seen is a very fitted dress. That being said, it is very important to remember that you will always look more stylish in something that is right for your body type, not just what is in style at the time. This trend does look good on some people but not everyone.
Mary Kate’s dress does have that fitted look to it but to add to the look it has an extremely flattering almost toga-like top. I am totally in love with the vintage look of this dress and I wish we were the same size so I could borrow it! To accentuate the vintage in it she wore a cat eye eyeliner and bold red lips. Also, the back was so cool it would have been a crime to cover it so she had an up do while still letting her bangs frame her face. This look is great because it follows the current trends while adding personality to it which makes it different from anything else out there!

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