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Moving might have been one of the hardest things I have ever done, but one of the best things that has come of it has been having the ability to have my dream room.  In Gainesville my room was bright and cheerful with the typical teenage vibe of pictures and posters everywhere. Here I am keeping my room high fashion and very simple. Everything in it is black and white and my only pop of color is my one red wall. This room has a couple of things that I have never had in a room before, a walk in closet, an amazing view, and enough room for a reclining chair. There is nothing I love more than relaxing in that chair while drinking coffee and reading a good book. It is also nice to sit in it to look into my closet and at my room to get inspiration for outfits and blogs. I think I will be living at home for a little while longer, the idea of going from this to a little apartment room makes me very sad!


Polka dot bows hold all of the drapes over my windows!


I have the best view in the house!

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