Softest sweater ever!





This morning as I was picking out my outfit it was rainy and cold and there was a warm comfy hoodie sitting on my bed trying to persuade me into wear it. I pushed past the desire and decided to find another option. This sweater is from my favorite vintage store in town and it is the softest sweater ever! It also sheds more than my hair does (which is a lot)… but it’s so cozy that I can ignore some red fuzz on my jeans. To take this look from old grandma sweater to fashion blog appropriate I layered on the necklaces. Three necklaces to be exact; the flower chain, the gold chains and the elephant pendant. This combination would have been overwhelming with a patterned top, but a solid sweater (with matching rosettes sewn on) works. ¬† To add a pattern I wore my cheetah print loafers. This also helped dress the outfit up. It’s important to remember that fashionable and cozy is totally possible!

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