Today sure was… interesting! After babysitting and class in the morning I decided to relax a little by shopping. Unfortunately, either nothing fit or it was out of my price range, but sometimes that happens. My car has been starting to act funny the last couple of days so on my way home from shopping I stopped by Advanced Auto Parts for them to look at it. Once I got there, my car suddenly went from slowly starting to never starting. AAA, a couple of freak out calls to my parents and a new starter later I have my car back in working order ready to take on the weekend (and one class tomorrow).

My outfit today was a fuchsia (not red like the picture looks) sweater, my favorite shoe scarf, jeans, striped boot socks and combat boots. This season I have been obsessed with boot socks. I don’t have many pairs, but so many people have been rocking them which is inspiring me so much!¬† There are so many options, I bet it’s possible to wear them every day and never get tired of them.

WARNING: Super awkward picture of me coming up! My sister caught this picture of my while I was telling a story, and I decided to add it to today’s blog to show you guys just a little bit more about who I really am. I spend a majority of my life making crazy faces like this because it keeps me from taking life to seriously (and maybe I’m just an over dramatic weirdo). Either way, if you have ever met me before you know I constantly make crazy faces, and I don’t think that will ever stop!


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