Leggings funk.




Lately I have been in kind of a funk, specifically with my clothes. All I ever want to wear anymore is leggings because I am always tired, I spend hours and hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs on campus and it has been freezing outside. Luckily I still want to look cute most of the time or we would have a realĀ  big issue on our hands! Is it still a funk if I want to look good, but just want to feel totally comfortable all the time?

Today’s leggings outfit was a layered look with my polka dot button down and favorite fox sweater. The reason that I could get away with wearing this top with leggings is because the button down is long so it covers everything that I want to cover. Even though I do love leggings, I still don’t think its appropriate to wear just a short, fitted top with them. The next items on my shopping list are leather leggings and another pair of pattern leggings. I’m sure there are more important things that I could be getting, but what’s the fun in practical clothes??


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