Mix and match (day 100!!)


Happy day 100 fellow fashion lovers!! A big day like this required 2 outfits so I made my sister put on a cute outfit and be in the blog with me. Samantha had been dreaming about getting yellow jeans for a while so I took her to get them today after helping me babysit the other day. She, of course, had to wear them to church once we bought them so she dressed it up with a blazer which is definitely very in style right now but I don’t know if I could have endured the heat in it!
My outfit is a mix and match from a couple of different outfits I’ve worn before. The skirt has definitely been my favorite summer find. I have been able to find way more things to go with it than I ever expected. The shirt has been in my closet for a while now but it doesn’t come out as often any more because the off the shoulder look is not as in style anymore but it fit with the bohemian style of the skirt. To pull more color into the outfit I wore my great coral necklace that I bought in New York to go with this skirt for the Marie Clare event that I went to. It has also been a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. I think this outfit is the perfect example of how my style has grown over the last 100 days!


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