Black gold and tribal? (day 101)

Boy am I getting tired of this heat. There are only so many shorts and tank outfits that can be put together. I am very ready for scarves and sweaters! I made the mistake today of wearing long pants and a shirt with sleeves which I realized while standing outside in 92 degree weather at my sisters practice. This is one of my favorite outfits though so that almost made it worth the sweat (gross I know). These orange jeans are a fun compromise to regular blue jeans and I think they are the perfect color to go with my tribal print shirt. I don’t wear this necklace very often but I really like it. The question is wether or not I like it with this shirt. It works but the shirt is so busy it doesn’t need anything else but I tried anyways. Another trial and error day! Next time I wear this shirt I will try another way of accessorizing.

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