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Even though I do miss being on vacation there are some things that I like about being back home like the beautiful Kentucky weather, sleeping in my own bed, and being able to use a nice camera for blog pictures! My iPhone takes pretty good pictures for a phone camera, but for some reason no matter what I do they turn sideways so I am sorry if any of my pictures have looked bad for the last 2 weeks.

Church today seemed like a good time to dress up a simple jeans look with some colorful heals. I am also wearing a new gold bracelet to add to my ridiculously large collection, and new wallet/clutch. As I was shopping in C Wonder in New York this wallet totally caught my eye and I could not leave without getting it. If you haven’t heard of C Wonder there is a pretty interesting story behind it. The man who started it is Tory Burch’s ex husband and their companies have many similarities. One of their biggest differences though is C Wonder’s not-as-big price tags. It is a fun store to check out if you ever get a chance!

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