Nails never Fail (Day 253)

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Today was a lazy day for studying for mid terms. Stress and irritation, and a huge dose of BOREDOM over took my day today. But one thing I absolutely LOVE to do during a study break is to paint my nails. It’s fun and colorful. Just the remedy for a black and white study session. I like to use metallic and light blues to relax me from all the hectic mess that is exam week. Another fun color to use is red. Red is a saucy, strong, deep color, which exudes confidence. Confidence is key is keeping your cool during exam week. So when you’ve got the mid term blues, take a minute to sit back and paint those fingers and toes. You won’t regret it 🙂

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One thought on “Nails never Fail (Day 253)

  1. Love the aqua blue – very calming! And LOVE the surprise of the metallic nail! I might be older than all y’all but I too love a glance at “finished” hands – whatever i’m doing & whatever the color. Other People notice groomed hands as well – so worth the effort to lift your spirits!

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