Not as easy as it looks (day 95)

Another day of errands. But I did get to spend some time with Maria! Lately I have been feeling pretty sad about a majority of my friends moving and leaving for college so it was nice to spend time with Maria because she is staying here. College is always something that you hear about but you never start paying attention until its actually here. I miss my friends a lot but I always knew that we were all going to separate. I just can’t wait until I get to meet new people when I start college in the fall!
Another shorts outfit today. It’s just to dang hot outside! Actually, I ended up at the mall today and I was freezing! I would have given anything for jeans and a sweater. But this outfit worked for the rest of the day so it’s ok. The Inspiration for my outfit today was my feather earrings. I have had a much harder time than expected wearing these earrings. When I bought them I thought they would fit in with whatever I wear but I have had to make outfits to fit the earrings. That’s ok though because I really love them. They inspire me to try outfits I may not normally try.

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One thought on “Not as easy as it looks (day 95)

  1. funny how that happens sometimes, isn’t it? When you see something t the store you think it’ll work with tons of stuff, then you get it home and ….hmmm, not so much! However, it IS fun mixing things up to make it work!

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