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Thanks to the wonderful presidents of this county’s past, I got the day off today to appreciate all that they have done for me to allow me to be where I am today. Surprisingly I actually spent the day studying for a history test I have this week, so I did actually study a lot of the previous presidents. This means that I spent most of my day off at the kitchen table staring at my laptop. To do this I needed a comfortable outfit that could stretch and move around with me as I found different ways to sit and focus. I also wanted the outfit to be cute because to treat myself for focusing all day I went with my mom to see Safe Haven (loved it!). This sweater and legging combination is one of my favorites to throw on for a quick, but still cute, outfit because I can easily change it up with almost any other scarf. This jewelry just stays on the top of my jewelry box to complete an outfit when I’m in a hurry because it goes with everything, including today’s outfit.

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