Quick change (Day 258)

I am really bad at time planning. This morning I didn’t have class until 11 so I got up, did some work on the computer, went to the gym and started to make breakfast until I realized that I had to be there at 11 not leave at 11, so that gave me 15 minutes to get showered and dressed. Usually that would mean old, unthoughtful outfits, but I actually liked how my outfit turned out today. I’ve been avoiding this shirt because it gets stretched out during the day, but it really helped keep an edgy look to the outfit. Red jeggings and combat boots were easy and warm, and I was really excited to bring out my black and white scarf again. I wore it a lot last year, but it hasn’t seemed to go with much this season, until today. Then red lips pulled everything together and helped make it look like I didn’t get ready in 15 minutes!
(Rika looks so cute in her sweater, I just had to have her in the blog today!)

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