Vintage!! (day 259)

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Every Friday night is designated “Family Night Out” in my family, so my cousins, aunt, uncle, and granny along with my family head out for a night that always manages to become eventful. This week has been exam week, so I’ve pretty much been bumming it all week, no makeup, shorts and hoodies, all that jazz. (Lauren don’t hate me for my laziness) But today being the last day of exams and going out with the family, I decided to actually try today. I wore a fun navy and gold polka dot tank under my bright mustard pullover sweater to grab the eye, and paired it with my mom’s letter sweater from high school (yay vintage!), dark jeans and brown combat boots. These comfy, fun pieces all worked together to make an outfit comfy enough to wear for 4 hours of exams and hanging at home watching movies, while also being cute enough to wear out in public. It’s almost a statement saying, “I beat the exams, and now I’m gonna eat my burger with pride in my vintage sweater!” Oh, that’s just me on the burger part? Aca-awkward. (Pitch Perfect) Everybody have a great weekend! Stay warm, and keep it classy!

P.S., sorry my boots are cut off, my little brother took the picture, but they’re adorable I promise!

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