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After spending the morning lifeguarding at the YMCA, I went to another pool to enjoy a pool party with my family for my sister’s swim team. I did not know that this would be the type of party that actually involved needing a bathing suit, so I was a bit overdressed, but what’s new? Because I did a quick change from guarding clothes to party clothes, I knew the best option was a sun dress with my favorite jewelry. Orange lipstick and teal eye liner seemed like a fun, cheerful summer makeup look, and I was ready for an afternoon outside with my family!


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2 thoughts on “Quick Change!

  1. I love the dress and necklace but I am not sure about the orange lipstick yet, I will have to look at it a bi longer

    1. I love orange lipstick for summer! There are less bright versions out there if you want to start slow 🙂

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