So much excitement! (Day 199)

I honestly thought that this was going to be one of those outfits that looked much better in my head than in reality, but it somehow turned out well! In yesterday’s blog I talked about how I wanted to find ways to wear red besides with black, I have the same issues with these orange pants. The problem with orange is that it tends to look like Halloween with a lot of things. Purple and black are the worst when it comes to looking like Halloween, and In Gainesville orange and blue is saved for game days. I may be wearing black and blue, but I tried to do a little mix of everything. My chambray shirt was the neutral of the outfit, and a polka dot cardigan added great pattern. To pull the outfit together I wore the floral necklace that seems to go with EVERYTHING which, along with orange lip gloss, was the final shine to the look. I’m totally in love with this fun combination!

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