Beauty is pain! (day 200!!)

For the weather today, I probably should have worn something a bit warmer, but I just liked the outfit so much that I wore it anyways. Beauty is pain! I originally didn’t want to wear this sweater with jeans, but it is more green than blue and I do like it with these dark wash jeans. Another surprise for the day is that this rose-colored sparkly scarf goes with my mint sweater! I’ve always loved this scarf but had a hard time finding things to go with it. The color pallet is perfect for a fall day in Florida because it is summer colors in winter pieces. Since it was pretty chilly out today, I wore short tan boots that I found at express for $10. These are probably the closest shoes to cow boy boots that I’ll probably ever wear! I’ve only worn then before to go line dancing, but I think they will be a great option for the winter.

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