Work to play (day 102)


Today I had to do a quick change from work to play so I thought I would show that in the blog. After going to a networking meeting this morning I only had a couple of minutes to get ready for a babysitting job so a whole outfit change was not an option. I picked today’s outfits mostly because I just got this hat and I had to wear it! (the hat was only $3, I love bargain shopping!!) My day started in black pants to look professional and then ended in jean shorts for a more relaxed look. Mostly the rest of the look stayed the same though. This purple shirt is a staple in my wardrobe that has been around for a while. You can’t go wrong with ruffles! The shorts and shirt aren’t anything new or exciting but the hat really pulls everything together and is what puts the whole outfit on the side of fashion rather than just cute.

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