T. Swift (day 182)

I may not be a fan of Taylor Swift but a lot of people are so I have to move on if I want to be involved in fashion. My friend Ashley texted me a couple of weeks ago and told me she wanted to be Taylor for Halloween and she needed my help. We then went to the mall and found her a tan lace dress, a jean jacket, fun metallic earrings and then she ordered a pair of cow boy boots. I was excited about how it turned out, I think it really captured the look we were going for! Yesterday for the actual holiday I helped Ashley quickly after class by giving her a winged eye liner and she later put on red lipstick which was the perfect final touch! I had so much fun being her stylist for the occasion and it made me very excited for the hopefully near future when I can call it my real career because there is nothing that makes me happier!

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