So, I have developed a new love for llamas. Which is probably the most random thing to be obsessed with, but that’s fashion for you! The link to this J. Crew sweater has been open on my laptop for months now while I waited for just the right time to get it. After Christmas it went on sale and I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided that instead of buying new pants I would just get the sweater to avoid the fire hazard. If there was only one word I could have used while wearing this sweater it would have been “LLAMA!!!” Cheesy animals with hearts for eyes and tons of jewels… What could be better than that?? If I were to change anything about this outfit I would have made the sweater tan/off white rather than grey, but it will just be a new style challenge for me! Check out my MOUR blog about my favorite cheesy sweaters (including this one) HERE!


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