Accessorize Beautifully (day 266)

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blog day 266

Hello lovelies! This week has been super chilly, so I got to break out some of my favorite fashion pieces, ACCESSORIES! It was especially cool today, so I pulled out my maroon scarf, my favorite brown combat boots, warm skinnies, and a gray peacoat. The gray peacoat brightens up the outfit by contrasting with the dark browns and reds to make a cool collected outfit that is guaranteed to provide warmth, and bunches of compliments on how you would fit right in in Times Square. I also took advantage of the dryer air by straightening my hair. Even hair can be an accessory! Under the peacoat I wore a gray and cream striped sweater for another layer of warmth. Whoever said cold weather made dressing fashionably hard obviously doesn’t know the Lauren Allen Fashion Blog secrets. Have a great week, stay warm, and keep it classy guys!

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