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Reason #265 to always look your best: you never know when you will be called in to talk about a job. As I was walking into my house after class today I got a call from the person that interviewed me asking me to come in to fill out paper work because I got the job! I was able to go straight there without worrying about how I look because I made sure to look pulled together when I got dressed this morning. Of course there are always arguments against that. I already had the job, so I didn’t need to impress them any more, but I think that it’s just as important to always make a good impression, even after getting the job. I’m so excited to start my new job at the YMCA being a swim instructor! I really miss coaching, so this should be fun.

My outfit today was inspired by my most recent shopping adventure. I bought this sweater (and yesterday’s) on forever21.comĀ for just $5. It is so interesting and unique, I had to find awesome ways to style it. Without a scarf the arms are kind of distracting, but add a fun scarf and black pants and the sweater becomes a really exciting piece. Even though my outfit is mostly neutral, it is also fun and unique. I loved wearing it!

blog day 265c

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