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It is really interesting how much people’s wardrobes differ. Yesterday on Mary Kate’s Take Mary Kate totally rocked a gray peacoat with a gray sweater underneath. Her wardrobe works with and around gray pieces where mine doesn’t. I have had this gray cheetah print tank since Christmas and a nice gray button down for over a year, but I have the hardest time making them work with other things in my wardrobe. Mary Kate inspired me to see what I could do with gray. The first thing that came to mind was this long gray cheetah print tank top with the blue high/low shirt that I bought with it. There is lace on the shoulders of the blue shirt that doesn’t really go with the cheetah print, plus it’s still in the 30s here, so I added a fun leather jacket. Then to keep up the rock ‘n’ roll look that I felt like I had going on, I also wore my combat boots. The biggest issue with gray that I had was accessorizing. At first I put on a red/orange and gold statement necklace, just to realize how bad gold and gray look together, and that the cheetah print tank top was the statement of the outfit. After sifting through every piece of jewelry I have and figuring out that none of it goes with gray at all, I walked over to my moms jewelry box where she has many options to go with this color scheme and borrowed this grey and black necklace that finished off the outfit perfectly.

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