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This year I have been honored to hold the title of Key Stylist for the University of Kentucky’s student run fashion magazine, KRNL. We publish once in the Fall semester and once in Spring. This Spring issue is the last one I will style before graduating (!!!!) next month, so we had to do it big!

For this magazine there were three main photo shoots, eight clothing stores and 25 models to dress (including myself one day!). Although it got stressful at times trying to balance everything going on in my life, styling these photo shoots was like the eye of a hurricane. Even though I knew everything around me was totally crazy, I never felt so at peace.

The fashion industry can sometimes feel like it’s every woman for herself, but the KRNL Fashion team works as the bricks that work together to hold this magazine up.

To create this magazine we all spend countless hours together in our basement office, bouncing ideas off of each other and perfecting the layout.

Students sold advertisements, wrote articles, designed the magazine and even modeled. This and every KRNL issue has a piece of each of our hearts in it, and I hope that you will take the time to read it!

Read KRNL Spring 2016 HERE!

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