The Closets (day 57)


To switch things up a little bit I decided to show you guys my closets! I thought about organizing them more than it truly is but then it wouldn’t be real. This is still only part of all of the clothes that I own! Along with my 2 small closets I have a full dresser that has mostly Tshirts and tank tops and then when everything else was full I filled one of the drawers in my bathroom with extra shirts. The closet that I hang things up in I organize by hanging them jackets, sweaters, shirts, dresses to wear with leggings, dresses, and then skirts. My next closet I have 3 stacks, the first is work out pants and shorts, the next is regular shorts and anything that is not long, the final stack is jeans and any long pants. Every time I clean my shoes start out organized but after a couple of days I have already messed it up trying to find my shoes so I tend to just leave my favorite shoes up front and then my least worn shoes wore their way to the back. I may never look like a very organized person but in the end I know where everything is and where everything goes so I am happy with that!

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  1. I wanted to show you my shoe closet my friend Mike built for me.I have another closet in the 2nd bedroom that is also full but I wanted you to see my shoe closet as it makes good use of a small space. I hope you like it! I think I have probably close to 250 plus pairs of shoes,but I did just donate 20 pairs to Goodwill so it might be time to shop again! LOL! Linda /Users/QueenLinaka/Pictures/Photos/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Jul 2, 2012/P1100506.jpg
    /Users/QueenLinaka/Pictures/Photos/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Jul 2, 2012/P1100507.jpg
    /Users/QueenLinaka/Pictures/Photos/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Jul 2, 2012/P1100508.jpg
    /Users/QueenLinaka/Pictures/Photos/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Jul 2, 2012/P1100509.jpg
    /Users/QueenLinaka/Pictures/Photos/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Jul 2, 2012_2/P1100510.JPG

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