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A few weeks ago I was hired to accomplish my dream job. Even looking back at it now, after completing it, I can’t believe that a measly college student like myself had the opportunity to do something that I was only supposed to be able to do in the prime of my career.

To some people this job might seem tedious or more like a job for people whose career is manual labor, but to me it was the head start into the rest of my life.

If you haven’t picked up on what this job is yet from the pictures, I moved my client into her new closet (which is the size of the average master bedroom for reference). In her old house she had two closets that she switched from summer to winter, but now was the time to let the two meet and mingle! At times it seemed like there would not be enough room, but with some luck and a little skill I made it work!

I did end up separating the winter shoes and the summer shoes, but now there are beautiful shoes lining the wall, which in my opinion is WAY better than wallpaper! (Can you say shoe-gasm?!) Everything else though was together and organized by style, color, sleeve length, and then darkest to lightest. Never have I considered myself OCD until I started my styling business!

Even though this closet is not in the realm of possibilities for most of us, there are some things that we can all do to make out closets are beautiful as possible.

  • Matching hangers– my closet has all matching hangers and that was the first thing I planned when starting this project. Unfortunately we ran out of white hangers, but I do plan on switching all of the hangers to white soon.
  • Folded sweaters– sweaters have a longer life-span when folded, so I saved the cashmere by board-folding all of her sweaters and putting them in drawers. Not as visible, but still workable.
  •  Organization- I have already described my favorite organization technique, but use whatever keeps you organized and your closet efficient.
  • Pretty clothes- You don’t have to have all the money in the world to own pretty clothes! Find trendy pieces for next to nothing at stores like Forever 21 and save your pennies for classic items. High quality basics don’t even have to be bank-breaking.

I hope that you can now create your dream closet out of what you already have (and maybe a quick trip to Target)!


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