Throwback Thursday!

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Recently, my mom has been looking through our old pictures to find things to put on the wall, and when she came across this crazy diva picture of me (the 4th one down) I knew I had to do a throwback Thursday post about it! After looking through the rest of my old pictures I found other ones that just had to be posted somewhere. When I was younger and still let my mom dress me, she liked to put me in head to toe Gymboree (literally from hats all the way down to the socks). When I finally got stubborn enough to dress myself, I basically put on everything and everything I could find, and I looked nuts. The moral of this story is that there is hope for everyone, even sassy, chipmunk cheeked little me!  (I must admit, though, that I still make the same face I’m making in the second picture on a daily basis)

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