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Today was the first time I took blog pictures by myself with a tripod! For the last year and a half I have had to convince people to take blog pictures for me. Usually this was my sister after she gets home from school, my mom when I get home from class, or even my friends on days that I am campus as long as the sun is. I’m sure that I will still have other people help with pictures sometimes, but it’s nice being able to be independent.

The weather has been unimaginably cold (notice I played around with the tripod inside and not outside even though the snow does look beautiful) and I can’t seem to get enough clothes on. The most important thing for me today was shoes with tread on them because of the ice everywhere. Normally this would mean rain boots, but wearing rain boots the last few days has made me realize that rain boots hold the cold and freeze your toes. Instead I wore knee high black boots. The name of the game for the top of my outfit was how many layers I can wear at once? A tank, pink flannel, sassy fox sweater and cheetah print scarf seemed like a good amount of layers (plus a coat, hat and gloves) for today. And as practical and warm the look is, it is even cuter! Mixing animals and patters? Yes please!



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