We the Kings of Fashion (day 238)

Mary Kate’s Take-

Last night I went to the We the Kings hometown show in Palmetto with none other than my amazing cousin Lauren Allen, and while we were there jamming in our outfits, I noticed that the lead singer, Travis Clark, was showing off one of my favorite things. The rule that I love to break, brown and black together! People always talk about how putting brown and black in the same outfit is the biggest no no in the fashion rule book. But the way I see it, rules are there specifically to be broken. So I try to mix those two together in any outfit I can make it work in. Travis was wearing a simple black v neck and black jeans and brown Oxford wing tips. These helped add a little sophistication and fun to his simple ensemble. And to top it off, the dare devil ginger paired this with purple striped socks. Travis may not have noted his choice in clothing as anything special, but to me, he made a point and was super fab while doing it. Rules are put in place just to be broken, even in the fashion world.

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