Wedding Wednesday // Full Circle

Some of my fondest childhood memories are going to bridal shows with my mom as her assistant makeup artist. Later on in life I would pretend to be a bride and sneak around bridal shows with my mom to network and check out the competition (also to eat free cake!). A few years ago I found myself producing fashion shows for the Diamond Rings and Pretty Things bridal show in Kentucky. Last week I joined the RK Bridal family at the Ziegfeld hotel for a Sophisticated Wedding event!

(Gown by: Mori Lee)

After moving to New York to become a fashion stylist, there were many bumps along the road that lead me back full circle to the bridal industry. 

Did I mention that in high school I applied to be a bridal consultant but couldn’t get the job because of my swimming schedule?

(Gown by: Martina Liana)

Working at RK Bridal allows me to use all of my skills to the fullest. 

Everyday I style brides for the biggest day of their lives, and I get to do it surrounded by a supportive family run company. 

Seeing all of the different businesses at this bridal show reminded me of the joy that wedding vendors bring to couples on their special day, not because they have to but because they want to. 

The wedding industry is such a specific market that only the strong can survive. Those are the people that I want to look up to! 

Do what you love, love what you do

(Gown by: Calla Blanche)

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