Southern Charm

adventures-lauren-allen-hippieBeing back home in Kentucky for the last few weeks has helped me realize all that is taken for granted living in a small(ish) town. New York City is exactly where I want to be, but Southern Charm really is enticing!

I obviously can’t speak for every southern person, but in my experience, the people I have come across back home are generous, genuine and supportive of your success. They realize that everyone can succeed so rather than fighting they lift you up. The support that I have gotten from friends and family on this trip has been so refreshing and reviving.

It’s been almost a year since I made the big move and I have definitely adopted many traits of a New Yorker, but my goal this time around is to take some of the South back with me. I want to always support those around me, even if they are technically my competition. I want to be generous with everything that I have to give especially my time.

What you put out to the world always comes back to you, make sure that you are giving what you would want to receive back. This may seem obvious, but it is something to think about while choosing your words and actions.






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