Baseball Chic!




That’s right, I am wearing a baseball cap in a fashion blog! It has been done before on What I Wore , and I loved how she looked in the pictures, but I did not see myself ever wearing heels with  baseball cap before. I would definitely wear casual jeans and plaid with a baseball cap, but it would never usually end up in the blog.

While out shopping the other day I found this hat in J. Crew marked down for $10. Is it really possible to buy something at J. Crew for $10?? I’m still in shock! The thought was that this hat would be perfect to throw on to wear to class and still look cute, even on bad hair days. Even though school doesn’t start until tomorrow, I needed to style the hat for the blog to see how I liked it. It is so much fun with my patterned leggings because the hat and the leggings are in a similar color pallet and with different patterns. The patterns separately make a statement, so if they were right next to each other it would be overwhelming, but having a solid blue sweater separating them makes it work. Would you rock a fashion baseball cap??

(P.S. Something about the pattern on the hat and the tan trench coat totally made me feel like a detective!)




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