I love make up (day 75)


For the first time in a long time my mom and I decided to be spontaneous and go on a road trip! We went to Jacksonville to look at the MAC cosmetic store since she has a pro discount. It was fun to look at pretty things and to spend the day with my mom. I even ended up getting some stuff! 🙂 My obsession with bright lip colors brought me to buy 2 new lip sticks since I usually end up going through my moms make up kit when my outfit calls for color. I’m going to need to start carrying a make up bag in my purse because I keep every lip color I own in there and it’s starting to get ridiculous! I also bought the most gorgeous eye liner that is the blue/jade color that I wore the day I got my hair cut. The next couple of days will definitely be centered around my fun new make up!

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