Ok guys, it’s time for me to tell you, I have a boyfriend and these are his jeans that I have borrowed to look extra fashionable. Just kidding! Instead I just bought these “Boyfriend jeans” at LOFT, but I though telling you that would make them cooler. Since it was warm today (it hit 50, yay!) I decided that today was going to be my only opportunity to show my ankles and wear heels considering it will be around 1 tomorrow and I will be working. (yes, you read that correctly, 1 degree Fahrenheit)

Boyfriend jeans gained popularity last summer, but I had immediately written them off in my book because I could not possibly ever like them. This is a lesson to never assume you don’t like something before even trying it! These jeans are very casual, especially with a denim shirt and long cardigan with them, but add a pair of high heeled booties and they are instantly church appropriate. This outfit definitely needed a pop of color and some added warmth for the heavy winds which is where this beautiful fuchsia infinity scarf was perfect. I love how this outfit can be so simple, but so chic at the same time. Can it be sprint yet so I can wear these pants with pumps at cute, short sleeve tops??



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