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Every once in a while I get stuck in a rut with my clothes. I feel like I can only wear my clothes a certain way and I don’t branch out to other possibilities. All I need to fix this is one new piece added to my wardrobe, and I become so much more creative. Today this piece is a new chambray shirt. I have just about worn out my other one, and I felt like I was wearing it the same way a lot. This new polka chambray made me feel adventurous, so I decided to wear it unbuttoned with a black long sleeve underneath. The print on the shirt is so small that from far away it looks solid which still makes it a neutral. This is really cool because it will go with anything while something extra to the outfit.¬† I really like it with red jeggings and my colorful shoe scarf, and I’m sure I will have no problem finding a million other things to wear it with.

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