LOFT employee costume!




Happy Halloween! I love this holiday because it allows you to be who you have always wanted to be or you can just totally step out of your comfort zone and be something you would never dream of being. Earlier this week I pranced around in an 80s workout costume (blog post here), and today I dressed up as a LOFT employee. No, this wasn’t to be funny, it was because I worked tonight. Fortunately Lexington’s Halloween celebrations got pushed to tomorrow because of bad storms tonight. For my work outfit today I kept the color pallet simple while still being relatively dressy. According to a good family friend my look today is “very New York!” That made me very happy! (Can I go back to New York yet??) Anyways, gold and black accessories accentuated the gold and black in the shirt. Black jeans kept the outfit dressy, and with boots to keep me warm I was ready for a day of helping women find clothes that make them as happy as my clothes make me!

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