DIY shorts (day 156)

It’s great to be a Florida Gator! I may not like football but I like dressing up for specific occasions like football games. Today was a great day to wear my beautiful new Bella Rose gator headband. It’s a great way to wear school colors without looking tacky.
These shorts were actually long jeans about a week ago! I went to an event that I was worried about ruining my clothes at so I cut an old pair of jeans that I never wear. The shorts made it through the night so I decided to keep them! I used to love these jeans but I never wear wide leg jeans anymore so this is the perfect alternative!
This DIY project is super easy. Just find a pair of old jeans that still fit you but you never wear. Next all you have to do is decide how short you want them and cut them. Once you get the shorts the correct length, use the side of your scissors and run them along the bottom of the shorts, then wash them for the best look. After you have done all of that you have a brand new pair of shorts that are the perfect length for you!

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