Final Product (day 74)

After spending the afternoon glued to my sewing machine, I finally finished my dress!! This is the first piece of clothing I have ever made so it is a very exciting mile stone for me. It is not perfect but I think I will be able to wear it to a lot of different events. There are still some little things that need to be done like put a hook and eye on top of the zipper and some hem work but I am happy that it all finally came together. The only problem is now I want to go to Jo Ann’s tomorrow and start a new project but I’m trying not to spend a bunch of money! I probably will anyways though because I really want to improve my sewing skills. My goal is to one day be able to design my own clothes rather than using another person’s pattern. I have always had the ideas in my head, why not turn them into reality?

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2 thoughts on “Final Product (day 74)

  1. Lauren,
    Alll I can say is WOW! I am so impressed by what you are doing! keep it up, I look forward to seeing what will be on your blog everyday! Love,Linda

  2. WOW!! Well done!! I have a feeling you will get a ton of use out of a classic like that!
    I think you will find you can change patterns to make them your own( and of course, details like fabrics, buttons, and trim are all up to you instead of the manufacturer!), then once you have experience, you will be able to design your own!

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