Football season!



Football season is almost here, and even though I couldn’t care less about the sport I do enjoy finding cute ways to style team colors. Although I will be attending the University of Kentucky I couldn’t help but stick with my Florida Gators’ colors! The first look is very casual and could go either way. This top is very cute and sexy, but unless you are a flat-chested model, then you will need to wear a bra. Bandeau’s are the perfect small bra cover ups if you want to keep the look sexy, but if you want to cover up more a tank top will do the job perfectly. The second look is more dressed up , but still fun for a game day with friends. Bow backed dress is very popular trend right now, and I have fallen in love with this orange and blue one. Boots seemed are a cute addition and a simple pendant adds interest to the front of the dress.

I found these pieces from Bluetique and Shop Red Dress boutique!

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