Mixing colors (day 103)

I love playing with colors and these shorts have really allowed me to try out different combinations! Soon I will have to move into the fall colors so I’m trying to play around with summer colors while I can. Being in Florida, it rained on and off all day so it was nice to have bright colors on to contrast the dreary day while it rained.
Tough I do love bright summer colors, I am super excited about the fashion coming in fall. Something that will definitely need to be in everyone’s wardrobe is the color hunter green. It is on my shopping list because I don’t seem to have anything in that color yet! Another great trend is peplum styled clothes. It is a very fitted dress, shirt, or skirt with a single ruffle. I haven’t tried this style out yet but it seems to be figure flattering. Sometime soon I will put together pictures and tips for fall and winter fashion.

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