Fun church attire! (Day 164)

Over the summer, back when I had spare time, I would spend so much time scrolling through Pinterest’s Women’s Fashion section and outfits like this were everywhere! Of course during that time anything with any type of sleeve was suffocatingly hot so wearing something like this was just a dream. Honestly, it was still to hot to wear it today but it’s the middle of October so I wore it anyways.
I love the look of black pants and a Chambray shirt, it is so crisp and clean and different from anything that has been in style in a while. My pink blazer added great color to a very neutral outfit while still keeping it structured. Button downs and blazers are amazingly flattering, putting them together gives the same illusion of a corset without the pain! My bib-like necklace pulled everything together and added a whole other dimension of high fashion along with my boyfriend watch, coin bracelet, and cheetah print flats. Wearing this outfit I felt like I could very happily be strutting down the streets of New York on the way to meet a group of friends for lunch.

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