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This is a blog post that I have dreamed about writing for years now… I am officially a School of Style graduate!! About three months ago I enrolled in their first ever online Stylist Certification class, and have never loved school so much! This program taught me more than I could have ever learned through my styling jobs here in Lexington. I learned about everything from the who’s who of the fashion industry to how to correctly mail samples internationally and everything business and fashion in-between.

In my free time I am typically reading about fashion and business, so doing this with a firm purpose was just so motivating which is exactly what I needed during my last semester of college.

Now my plan is to finish up this semester at the University of Kentucky, Work my butt off this summer and save enough money to move in August. By then I will be ready to take as many intern styling jobs that come my way to start working my way up the ranks!

Wish me luck!

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