High fashion art (day 273)

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My family is in the process of buying a new house which means a new room for me to decorate! Before my room in Gainesville had lime green and hot pick walls with everything else black and white. It was fun and I loved it, but this time around I’m ready for something more mature. I will hopefully be moving out in the fall, so this room will be more of an extra room for me to come back to. My goal for the room is high fashion, black and white with pops of red. Everything that I moved with me is black and white, so that gave me a great starting point. I would love to be able to have 1 red/burgundy wall and the other 3 be a neutral tan color. What I am most excited about is accessorizing my walls with vintage magazine covers like these pictures.¬† Preferably they would be mostly black and white with pops of red, like red lip stick. I’m so exciting about this high fashion room transformation!

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