How to Style Band Tees

During my last trip to Kentucky I went to a concert with my friend Matt. During the show we stood by the poor merch guy that was paid to stand next to the stage waving the band’s t-shirts in the air to catch people’s attention between songs. As we were leaving I mentioned to Matt that I love the look of band tees but have the hardest time finding ones at thrift stores that are interesting. (Yes, I do mean aesthetically pleasing more than anything else LOL)

A few weeks later I found a box at my door step from Matt with some of his old band tees that he didn’t want anymore! Thankful is an understatement. I have the best friends I could ever ask for. 

As soon as I opened the box my mind started spinning with outfit inspiration. That same day my roommate and I each wore one out, keeping it simple with black silky pants and black jeans. There were just so many other options, though, I couldn’t wait to do a blog post showing you all just a few ways that I plan to wear these shirts!  Dress them up, dress them down, the options are endless.

Yes, Matt has already scolded me for wearing the shirts without listening to the bands. My promise is that I will listen to one song from each band before making this blog post live. My second promise is that you will be seeing a lot more of these shirts over on my social media because I am currently living in them!

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