Sentimental Moments

When my dad was a kid he had a jacket that was almost identical to this one and when I was younger I used to obsess over it in our hallway closet, but could never wear it because we lived in Gainesville, Florida and no one would wear anything like that there.

About 10 years ago I wore it in our family photos and current fashion-loving Lauren pats past fashion-clueless Lauren on the back for that choice. The cowboy hat I styled it with was a questionable accessory choice, though.

After that day the jacket only saw the light of day a few time and it stayed back in Kentucky during my big move. To my surprise, I was gifted this vintage fringe suede jacket from a stylist I worked for in my first few months of interning in NYC. 

Although it may not be the exact jacket, it does hold some serious sentimental value to me! Whenever I’m feeling homesick I put it on and have a little bit of my family with me all day. 

Does it match my purple hair? Not so much. Does it fit the NYC “vibes”? Not at all. Do I still grin from ear to ear every time I put it on? Absolutely! 


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