It’s the little things!

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My jobs (the ones I actually get paid for) are some of the lest fashionable jobs out there. Some times this makes me sad and then I think about getting a job somewhere else, like Forever 21, or an office job that requires getting dressed everyday. But, I do love teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding, so now I am trying my best to add fashion into these jobs. Sometimes during swim lessons I would keep my bright lipstick on which would always bring the comment “Miss Lauren, why do you have that stuff on your mouth??”, and today I just got this pink whistle because, well… I needed a pink whistle! How do you add fashion into your unfashionable job?

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One thought on “It’s the little things!

  1. I add fashion into my unfashionable job in a variety of ways. I work in surgery so I get to wear scrubs which are practical but not fashionable (although they are comfortable & succeed in hiding a multitude of sins!). I display my name badge on a fun lanyard, get to wear cool patterned hats, and best of all, get to wear statement clogs!! Dansko & other brands offer beautiful protective, supportive footwear for my profession, whether it be textured, gilded, or artistic leathers. So many patterns, so little time!! I also make sure I have makeup on – & nice lipstick! Even though I wear masks most of the day, patients seem o appreciate seeing someone who looks pulled together, which is synonymous with looking professional, when they are greeted for the first time by their prospective caregivers.

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